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The people of the Central Valley deserve a leader who will fight for our best interests, not one who spreads “deep-state” conspiracy theories. Chip in $5 or more now to join Bobby Bliatout in taking on Nunes in 2020.

Californians deserve a leader who will listen to the people, not “deep-state” conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, in the Central Valley, Devin Nunes has been using right-wing conspiracy theories and fear-mongering to scare people into supporting him.

It’s time to elect a leader who will listen to the concerns of voters instead of scaring them into another term with lies about the “radical left” or the “Fake News media.” That’s why Bobby Bliatout is running to serve the people of the Central Valley.

But Bobby can’t defeat Nunes, Donald Trump, and the dark money groups who are committed to keeping Nunes in office without your help. Please chip in $5 or more now to help us build a grassroots army capable of taking on Nunes in 2020.

Michael, Nunes doesn’t have the Central Valley’s best interests in mind when he’s in D.C. He’s sided with Donald Trump more than 97% of the time — from voting for the GOP’s tax scam to the repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

We deserve more, and Bobby is ready to take on the job fighting for us.

If you’re ready for new leadership not a conspiracy theorist, please chip in $5 or more to help Bobby defeat Devin Nunes.

Thank you,

Team Bliatout