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Fear divides us. Hope unites us.

Violence has no place in our country, and we cannot let fear undermine our democracy or silence our voices. We need leaders who will bring us together, not try to tear us apart. On November 6, we can vote to make that happen.

Investing in Latinx Communities

As the first Latino to head the Democratic Party, I made a commitment to up our game in every community and put in the work required on the ground to elect Democrats across the country who will fight for our values. 

No exceptions.

That’s why this summer we launched ¡MUJERES MOBILIZED!, a Latina-led electoral initiative designed to engage, harness, and transform the energy of Hispanic women and girls into votes at the ballot box to deliver Democratic victories this November. We are recruiting Latinas who are raising their voices about issues in their communities to host phone banks, knock on doors, and talk to their neighbors to drive up Hispanic turnout for early vote and to make sure their voices are heard in November.

Standing With LGBTQ Communities

This past weekend, the New York Times reported that the Trump administration has developed a proposal that would legally define gender as based solely on a person’s genitalia at birth — a significant setback to the recognition of transgender individuals as well as a blow to federal protections against discrimination in health care, education, and more. 

This discriminatory action is just the latest assault on LGBTQ people and their rights since Trump’s inauguration. Despite running as an alledged “ally” of the LGBTQ community, Trump and his administration have engaged in a deliberate strategy to undermine and eliminate protections for LGBTQ people. 

Democrats believe that queer rights are human rights. We will continue to stand with the LGBTQ community and fight back against any effort to reverse the progress our country has made.

Philly College Students Are Fired Up To Vote

The next generation is fired up and ready to vote! I had a great time speaking with college students in Philadelphia on Tuesday. Young people are leading the charge to take back our democracy, and I could not be more impressed by the energy and enthusiasm I’ve seen from college students to turn out for Democrats this November. These are tomorrow’s leaders, and our party will always make sure they can make their voices heard.

Weekend Read

Take a few minutes this weekend to read Anastasia Somoza’s powerful story and learn why her health care is at stake in this election. 

“Anyone whose ability to work, live, and participate in their community is in danger if they lose their insurance should go out and vote for the candidates who support our health care needs. That means voting for Democrats up and down the ballot. Beware of politicians who say one thing, and then do the opposite. Join me in supporting candidates who will protect Americans’ access to health care. My and my family’s futures depend on it.”

“Vote for Me”

Need one more good reason to vote this November? See what’s at stake in the midterms through the eyes of these kids whose health, safety, and well-being are on the ballot.

They can’t vote — but we can. Please help us organize and fight for these kids by sharing this video with your friends, families, and communities, and directing them to

Finishing Strong

With November 6 just around the corner, Democrats are keeping up the momentum and turning out to vote. We have boots on the ground organizing in every ZIP code — and we aren’t taking a single vote for granted.

Check out some jaw-dropping stats from our partner, MobilizeAmerica, that all Democrats should be proud of going into the midterm elections:

  • 232,472 Americans have volunteered for Democrats in races across the country using the MobilizeAmerica platform.
  • Volunteers have signed up for 421,617 shifts to get the word out about Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations. 
  • Activists scheduled 89,462 volunteer shifts just last week — a 23% increase from the week before and corresponding to more than 1.06 million door knocks.

MobilizeAmerica estimates that corresponds to 4.7 million door knocks and 5.04 million phone calls — record-breaking activity for Democrats in the midterms.

There are plenty of reasons to feel good ahead of Election Day, but we can’t let up.

11 days till the weekend, folks. Let’s bring it home.

Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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