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Kamala Harris

The genius of the internet is that it’s free and open to everyone. It has created an even playing field and is particularly important for historically disadvantaged communities. Online, anyone can become an overnight sensation based on the quality of their work, regardless of gender, skin color, who they love, or where they live.

This fundamental fact about the internet — that it’s free and accessible for all — is taken for granted. But Trump’s appointed FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, has advanced a plan that would eliminate the free and open internet as we know it. We can’t let that happen.

Click here to submit an official comment to the FCC today and help us save the free and open internet. Elevating your voice is the only way we can win this fight >>

In Washington, these rules are called Net Neutrality. They are designed to ensure all voices online stay equal — that no one website is prioritized over another.

So you may be asking yourself: who benefits if the internet is made less free and less open than it is right now?

Two groups:

  • Cable companies, the gatekeepers to the internet, who want to make it work more like Cable TV with tiers of access, limiting accessibility based on income.
  • And short-sighted politicians, notably Donald Trump and his advisors, who are rightly terrified about the internet’s ability to organize against their agenda.

The last time Net Neutrality rules were up for debate in front of the FCC, nearly four million comments were submitted — and we won. This time, with a Trump appointee in charge, it’s going to take everything we’ve got, which is why I’m asking:

Will you add your official comment to the FCC today? Help us save the internet as we know it.

As your Senator, I’ll be adding my official comment as well. I’m hoping that when I do, I can deliver hundreds of thousands of your voices to the FCC as well and show them the strength of our movement. Please add yours today.

Thanks for all you do.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California