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Brynne Kennedy for Congress

''Congressional Hopeful Brynne Kennedy on Rebuilding an Economy where ‘Everyone Can Thrive’''- Medium

''The State Of California: Upstart Democrat Goes For Upset In California's 4th District''
-- KCBS Radio

''Achilles Heel: Could COVID-19 pandemic break Tom McClintock’s iron grip on congressional seat?''
-- Sacramento News & Review

Brynne jumped in this race because Tom McClintock has misrepresented us long enough, and it’s time to send him home (to his house outside our district).

Since launching, we’ve outraised Tom McClintock by more than double, leading Cook Political Report to change their rating of this race in OUR favor. And now? All eyes are on this race.

Media outlets around California are watching our race because they know what we know: Tom McClintock is nervous he might lose this race. Brynne Kennedy is closer to unseating Tom McClintock than any previous challenger.

Your support is the backbone of this campaign, and Brynne needs us now more than ever. If you want to wake up on November 4th with new representation in Congress, pitch in $5 or more to keep Brynne’s momentum going through the election.

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

This isn’t the first time that Tom’s found himself on everyone’s radar — and not for any good reasons. After all, he wasn’t just leading the effort to undermine the public health measures we needed to safely re-open businesses and schools, he was also the only California Congressman in either party who voted against the first COVID-19 relief bill.

Brynne Kennedy will listen to our medical professionals to keep our district safe and use her vote to protect your family’s well-being. She knows things are tough right now — and she’ll do whatever it takes to stand up for local families.

Chip in $5 or more to send a common-sense representative to Congress who will fight for you and your loved ones through this pandemic. Tom McClintock does not vote in the best interest of our community, and it’s time to send him home.

Thanks for your continued support.

— Brynne Kennedy for Congress

Brynne Kennedy is running for Congress in California’s Fourth District because she believes Americans can do more together. An accomplished businesswoman, Brynne has created new solutions to help employers and workers thrive in today’s economy. As our voice in Washington, she will fight to take our government back from the corrupt special interests and will put partisanship aside to put our communities first.





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