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Every American deserves clean fresh air. Without current clean air standards, our lifespans would be much shorter, and many of us would spend time in local Emergency Rooms with respiratory problems.

Unhealthy, dirty air does even more than send us off the the Emergency Room.  The evidence is out!  Polluted air increases the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s in our older  population.  It impacts the ability of our children to do well in school.

My opponent, Tom McClintock,  has consistently voted against clean air measures. In fact, he has voted to make it legal for big corporations like oil and coal to pollute even more by decreasing the standards we currently have protecting our citizens,

As a doctor, I care about your health.   I pledge to fight for clean air and to give the Environmental Protection Agency  the teeth it needs to do its job and continue protecting you and your families.

I thank you for your support of my campaign. Please  donate what you can  to help make my campaign  for US Congress a success.

I ask for your Vote on November 8.

Thank You!

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