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Constitution Day Lecture: “Why Shouldn’t the President be a Dictator?–How to destroy the Constitution, subvert the rule of law, and end our freedom in one easy lesson.”

Join San Joaquin College of Law Professor Jeffrey G. Purvis at the Law School (901 5th Street, Clovis) on Thursday, September 20th at 5:30 p.m. as he marks another Constitution Day.

In the past, his topics have included titles such as “Death Panels Are Trying to Kill My Grandma,” “Virtual Mayhem: Why Does the US Supreme Court Want Our Children to Become Violent Killers?” “Having Destroyed Marriage, What Are The Gays Up To Now?” and “Is It Constitutional for Me to Scream at Town Hall Meetings so that No One Else Can Be Heard?”


For more information, call (559) 323-2100