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1 million California residents don’t have access to clean drinking water.


California is facing a public health crisis, Michael.

Right now, roughly 1 million California residents don’t have access to clean drinking water. This problem is particularly distressing for the Central Valley community I represent — where pollutants like nitrates, coliform bacteria, pesticides, and even uranium taint our groundwater supply.

The worst part? It’s rural and disadvantaged communities who are disproportionately impacted by groundwater contamination. Studies show exposure to these pollutants have been linked to lung, skin, and bladder cancer. Exposure can even cause birth defects and inflict significant harm to newborn babies.

To call California’s clean water crisis a disgrace and a public health emergency would be an understatement. And the truth is, fixing this water crisis is going to take bold, immediate action. That’s why in Congress I have:

Pushed for $150 million in infrastructure investments to improve water delivery in the Central Valley.
Called on the Bureau of Reclamation to allocate more water to the Central Valley.
Held Trump’s EPA accountable to undergoing a thorough review of California’s water quality standards.

We’re making progress, but there’s more work to do to replenish and recharge our groundwater supply. I can’t solve this alone, that’s why I’m reaching out today:

Can you sign our petition to affirm your commitment to ending the Central Valley’s water crisis? We all need to come together and demand that clean water access remains a top priority.

Thanks for your support,

TJ Cox


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