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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Elizabeth wants to change the way campaign fundraising is done. The size of your donation doesn’t get you more access.

Warren for President

This campaign is funded by grassroots donors, not special interests. Make your first contribution, and you might get a call from Elizabeth >>

When Elizabeth stands at her kitchen counter to call grassroots donors, some people don’t believe that it’s her on the other end.

Some will even hang up, thinking that it’s a pre-recorded robocall.

And that’s probably because during most presidential campaigns, calling donors who give at any level is unheard of. Usually, “call time” for candidates means dialing up wealthy donors and asking for huge checks.

But Elizabeth wants to change the way campaign fundraising is done. She doesn’t make calls based on how much money someone is able to donate — because a person’s wealth shouldn’t determine how much access they get to a presidential candidate.

Elizabeth spends her “call time” talking with grassroots donors who chip in any amount. Will you be one of them? Make your first contribution today, and Elizabeth might call you to say thanks.

If you’ve saved payment info with ActBlue Express, your donation will process automatically:


Thanks for everything. And keep your phone close!

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