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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Thanks to all who have supported my candidacy for Attorney General!

There are only six days before the election. If you have not done so already, please today take each of the actions below to help us win:

  1. Email today at least 5 friends, sharing your support for my candidacy for Attorney General.
  1. Share your support on your Facebook page.
  1. Share your support on your Twitter profile with the hashtag #DJ4AG.
  2. Like my Facebook pageand share my posts!
  3. Share this videowith at least 5 friends.

  4. Make a contribution of any amountto help us keep our radio ads running.

I know that many will be unable to join us due to distance, but I would like nonetheless to invite you to join us to watch the election returns with me and my family and other supporters in Sacramento – but only after you have voted!

When: Tuesday, June 5th

8:30 to 11:30pm

Where: de Vere’s Irish Pub

1521 L Street Sacramento, CA 95814

What: Light appetizers and beverages and election returns!


To make sure we have an accurate head count, please RSVP to

There are only six more days left.  PG&E is funding campaign ads designed to knock me out.  Please take the actions above today.

And make a plan to drop off your vote by mail ballot or mail it this week or to vote on Tuesday, June 5th!


Thanks again for your support!


Dave Jones

Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Attorney General


Dave Jones for Attorney General

“A Fighter, Not a Follower.”