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There’s one last House race from the 2018 midterm that hasn’t been called yet.

In North Carolina’s 9th district, Democrat Dan McCready ran a strong campaign against a Trump-endorsed Republican. At first, it looked like Dan came up just short. But new evidence emerged of a GOP-led effort to suppress and “steal” votes from older and African-American voters in Dan’s district. 

The North Carolina Board Elections is investigating election fraud and refuses to certify the race. It’s looking likely that a new election will be held.

Dan McCready could get the news in a matter of weeks that he’s headed for a costly special election. He needs urgent resources to hire staff and get his campaign up and running. That’s where we come in:

Can you join the fight to protect our democracy and flip one last House seat in North Carolina? Chip in a donation to help raise $7,500 towards Dan McCready’s likely special election run >>

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