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Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that Election Day is only 4 weeks away from today!


This journey has taken us to all corners of the 14th Senate District – from Arvin to Fresno, Porterville to Avenal and everywhere in between.  I believe SD 14 deserves a State Senator who has the vigor to give every city in our district the attention it rightfully deserves.

Throughout this journey, I have had the opportunity to learn about many important issues facing the Valley’s families. The conversations have allowed me to better understand what our region needs, including good paying jobs, access to clean drinking water, our children’s safety, and the need for increased investment in water infrastructure to protect the Valley’s lifeblood.


In these final 4 weeks, I will continue to travel throughout the Central Valley to meet with as many voters as possible. I am looking forward to victory on November 6th and to being a tireless advocate for the Valley.


Melissa Hurtado

Candidate, State Senate District 14

P.S.: If you are a vote-by-mail voter, your absentee ballot should be arriving this week, so please be on the lookout. It is important to fill out your ballot early, sign the envelope and submit as soon as possible in order to ensure your voice is heard. If you would like to vote-by-mail, you must request to do so by October 30th by contacting your county’s Registrar of Voters.