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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.




50,000 GM workers in Detroit are now on strike. It is the biggest strike by organized labor since 2007.

For the last forty years, corporatist forces representing a virulent strain of capitalism have waged an assault on organized labor in America. Untethered to ethical or moral forces, corporatism has put short-term stockholder value before workers rights, workplace safety, and environmental responsibility. I stand firmly on the side of labor in pushing back against the devastating power of this economic elitism and the workers of the United States. Capitalism itself will be better and stronger when the balance of power is restored. I support the striking workers at GM as they take a courageous stand for better wages and profit-sharing. Economic justice for American labor is a boon to the our economy, to our democracy, and to our humanity.

I believe in righteous commerce and in capitalism with a conscience. I don’t think the average American wants to think they’re making money at the expense of other people having a chance to. I think all of us do better when all of us do better.

Sending my best wishes to all who are affected by the strike, with hope that the better angels of all concerned will yet prevail.

My best,


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