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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Don Jr. tweet

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Did you see this? Donald Trump Jr. went on the attack against my plan for 100% Clean Energy for America — joining a chorus of radical right wingers opposed to it.

In addition to calling me an “elite Democrat” — this from a purported millionaire playboy who does big game hunts in Africa — he claimed my plan would kill jobs for the middle class, and ended with: “These people are crazy.”

What’s really crazy is the limitless lies that Don Jr. and his dad spew to folks in the coal industry. Yes, it’s time to turn the chapter on coal, but not its workers. And Trump’s empty promises will leave millions devastated.

We must build a just transition to a clean energy future. My plan would create millions of good paying jobs for families across America. Though I get that’s not anything the Trumps would know anything about.

Look, if we’re making folks like Donald Trump Jr. mad, you know we’re doing something right — but his tweet makes clear we’ve got a target on our back, and we need support now more than ever. If you care about climate change and support my plan to bring clean energy jobs to America, donate $1 or more today to fight back against these Trump attacks.

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