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TJ Cox for Congress

This is rich,

This week, David Valadao’s government office sent out an email soliciting input on Trump’s “zero-tolerance” border policy that separated children from parents.

Take a look:

But here’s the kicker: As reported in the Fresno Bee, there was NO option in the survey to respond: “no, don’t separate children from their parents at the border.”

Valadao’s been tainted by Washington if he truly needs a survey to tell him that Central Valley families are disgusted at the idea of ripping kids away from their families. If you can’t call out cruelty when you see it, you don’t belong in Congress.

We need to hold this President accountable, and it’s time we had a representative that understand our values. Can you sign on to our letter telling David Valadao how we feel about his inaction?

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TJ Cox