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From: Andrew Lachman <> 
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2020 2:11 PM

Subject: DNC News: 4/21 Convention Delegate Elections Updates, DNC Digital Training Webinars and Representation
Red, White and Blue
April 21 Delegate Elections May Be Moved

I hope everyone is safe. Just because there is a DNC election on, does not mean there are not still important updates we need to know about.

As you have seen in the news, several states have been trying to move their primaries. Many of these states have Republican legislatures that have refused to offer broad vote by mail options like Washington, Colorado and California. If the Senate had passed HR1 (For the People Act), then this would have been an option already.

I have been advised by CDP that an announcement is coming soon regarding the status of the April 21 district-level Convention Delegate elections, which may be delayed. Please keep an eye out for the update from CDP.


DNC Offering Webinars on Digital Organizing


The DNC is hosting a webinar on Digital Organizing amid the COVID outbreak to give you tools to continue organizing during these difficult times. My contacts at the Rural desk shared this with me, but I think this will be useful for every part of the state. There are still openings for Thursday and Friday for these free trainings. 


Increasing DNC Geographic Diversity

Several other states such as Washington provide for specific DNC seats for rural Democrats. We have some great candidates running from outside of LA, Sacramento and the Bay area, but with important rural advocacy and organizing issues and some other Democratic regions such as OC and San Diego with limited representation, it may make sense to look into following Washington state’s model to ensure that our delegation includes several seats that preserve geographic diversity. I support efforts to look into rules changes to effect this sort of change.


As always, if there is something we can do better, I’d like to hear from you via email.

Andrew Lachman

Member, Democratic National Committee

Chair, DNC Small Business Owners Council