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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

California trusted John to manage our economy through tough times — and John delivered.

Now we’ve released a new ad explaining why John’s the candidate with the experience and leadership to manage California’s future as our next governor — and we wanted to make sure you have a chance to see it!

Check out John’s new TV ad — and then chip in before Monday’s end-of-month deadline to help us keep it on the air.

When the legislature failed to pass a balanced budget, as required by law, John stood up to his own party and made the tough decision to withhold their paychecks until they did their jobs.

When some believed California was about to go bust, John made tough calls to bring our state back from the brink of financial disaster, while working to fund Californians’ priorities.

And when Wells Fargo ripped off hundreds of thousands of families across California — and millions across the nation — John issued sanctions to hold them accountable.

Some politicians make big promises. But John has a record of delivering results — and he’s the leader we need now.

Now we need your help to make sure John’s message is heard.

After you watch John’s new TV ad, chip in to help us keep it on the air and build the support John needs now.

Thanks for your support,

Preston Elliott
Campaign Manager
John Chiang for Governor

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