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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

As Andrew’s wife, I get to see his drive and passionate commitment to public service and social justice up close.

Devin’s actions (or I should say inactions) have made this seat one of the biggest pickup opportunities for Democrats nationwide. I could never imagine Andrew handling things like Devin.

Andrew is ready and willing to fight wholeheartedly for you, but he really needs me and you to stand with him.

With so much at stake in our country right now, Andrew knew he had to step up.

Andrew and I know it’s a tight race. That’s why we’re counting on friends like you. Will you make a donation to let Andrew know you’re standing with him? >>>

Andrew always wants to know how he can make a difference.

Important issues for our district like immigration, health care, women’s health, climate change, growing our economy, protecting Medicaid, and clean water cannot be ignored.

But that’s exactly what Andrew’s opponent is doing – and that makes Andrew more determined than ever to make a difference for everyone who lives in the 22nd Congressional District. Andrew needs your support right now. The race is narrowing – and Andrew needs the resources to get his message out. Will you help? >>>

Thank you for standing with Andrew. I know how much he appreciates your friendship.

Heather Walker Janz



Andrew Janz is a Democrat running for Congress in California’s 22nd Congressional district against Trump’s lackey in Congress – Rep. Devin Nunes. Click here to contribute.



Thanks for your support of our campaign.

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