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Devin Nunes is back in the fray, Michael.

Last night, Nunes sent out a pretty desperate fundraising plea in support of our opponent David Valadao. Here’s an excerpt:

We can’t let this go unchecked: Can you help us counter Devin Nunes’ fundraising push for David Valadao by chipping in $10 right away?

Donate $10

Nunes calls TJ out by name directly — using slurs like “extremist” and “socialist” to really gin-up the fear factor with his base. To be honest, we think these tropes are a little tired — especially from someone as corrupt as Nunes.

Remember, this is the same Nunes who Trump called his “hero” for pushing conspiracies during impeachment.

– It’s the same Nunes whose staff tried to OUT the whistleblower who exposed foreign money being funneled into Republican campaigns (including Valadao’s).

And it’s the same Nunes whose political career now hinges on Republicans taking back the House in 2020.

You simply can’t expect Valadao to confront the culture of corruption in Washington when he is benefiting from it. So in response to this email, we’re running a little fundraising push of our own:

If everyone reading this email can chip in $10 right now, we’ll totally nullify whatever cash benefit Valadao got from Devin’s fundraising appeal. Can you chip in to help us outraise this gang of two?

Let’s do this, 

Team TJ

Donate $10 

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