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Yesterday, we reached out about a fundraiser Devin Nunes just hosted for his good friend David Valadao.

This fundraiser came just days after Devin Nunes’ aide tried to leak the name of the Ukraine whistleblower to Trump.

Valadao, of course, had no comment on any of this. But he’s always up for more campaign cash. So in response, we held a little fundraiser of our own. All online. All grassroots contributions.

And you all stepped up. Big time.

Now we’re on the verge of breaking our monthly online fundraising record.

Check out our email from yesterday, and if you can, chip in $10 to help us out-raise Nunes and Valadao with grassroots power.

Let’s do this,

Team TJ

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Just now, David Valadao was in Washington D.C. mixing it up wealthy donors at a reception hosted by none other than Trump lackey Rep. Devin Nunes.

This is the same Devin Nunes who just made headlines because his top aide leaked documents to Donald Trump identifying the Ukraine whistleblower’s name in an attempt to out him.

This just happened…

Michael, this fundraiser with Nunes speaks volumes about David Valadao and the type of rematch campaign he’s running.

He’s ducking every question about Trump’s abuse of power vis-à-vis Ukraine. But he has no issues leaning on Trump’s top allies for financial support. It’s hypocritical, and it’s why TJ’s constituents in CA-21 voted him out of office in the first place.

So in response, we’re going to hold a little fundraiser of our own before our end-of-month deadline. It’s online only, and we’ll never ask you for a $5,000 check. But if everyone reading this email can chip in $10 right now, we’ll totally nullify whatever cash Valadao raised alongside Devin Nunes tonight.

So what do you say, Michael, can you chip in $10 to help us outraise Valadao and Nunes?

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Team TJ

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