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Democrats Set the Record Straight

In a July 1 letter to the editor in the Fresno Bee, Michael Der Manouel of Fresno engaged in inflammatory right-wing rhetoric. The Bee published a number of responses to Der Manouel’s letter in its July 7 edition. Some Democratic activists forwarded letters to the editor that the Bee did not use, therefore we include them below.

I have to admire Michael Der Manouel’s ability to cram so many lies and so much hate into his July 1 letter in the Bee.

I wonder why the Bee would print such a letter, but I realize Der Manouel has some standing and probably gets a pass on content, but really?

He claims that good people can’t hold viewpoints different than him without being a godless enemy.

This is what a good Christian believes? That God supports the cruelty of his party’s caging and killing children at our border but opposes saving women’s lives the foundation of Roe v. Wade?

That the Democratic Party is led by women, were it true, seems like a good thing as women are the majority in our country.

Der Manouel claims to believe in the Constitution, but that’s not really how he and his party roll. He/They do not believe in representative democracy or the rule of law, which I thought was at the heart of our system of government.

One can only conclude that the Republican Party has no respect for life other than its own members. And that Der Manouel is one small and hate-filled man.

Sir, have you no decency?

Carole Laval

Five years ago, I moved to Fresno for a one-year job as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer but, at the end of that year and after three decades in the Bay Area, I chose to make Fresno my permanent home. It was the people, the diversity, the heart of this place that endeared me to my new city.

So for the editorial board of the primary news source to publish the 7/1/19 article of hatred, misogyny, and antisemitism was shocking and heart-wrenching and I am embarrassed for Fresno. The letter “Democrats detached from their creator” is out of touch with separation of church and state, presuming all of us are Christians.

It is anti-women and dated. Women today work, earn, choose when to have babies or not and are needed bread-winners.

The author also called four of our Jewish leaders in the house and Senate traitors. To spotlight such hatred on the week we celebrate our independence is particularly egregious.

I would hope for better editing out such hate-mongering by the editors in the future.

Janet Miller

Additional Letters to the Editor on the Michael Der Manouel letter that were published by the Bee on 7-7-19

Fresno Bee Letters to the Editor 7-7-19 on Michael Der Manouel letter published 7-1-19