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Dear Fellow Democrat:

This month, California Republicans surprised no one by siding with corporate America against common-sense consumer privacy rights in California. But when big corporations try to take advantage of consumers, California Democrats are fighting back by supporting the California Consumer Privacy Act.

With their opposition to the California Consumer Privacy Act, Republicans showed exactly where their values lie: with Google, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Facebook and special interests like the California New Car Dealers Association and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, all of whom are currently funding the million dollar-opposition against crucial consumer protections for Californians and our families.

We’re putting together an action team of grassroots Democrats interested in making sure our state and local Party stands with consumers against big corporations and data brokers.

Can you help us contact Democratic clubs, Central Committees and local elected officials to engage them in this crucial campaign? Click HERE to get involved.

The California Consumer Privacy Act will:

  1. Give Californians the right to know what information big businesses are collecting about us & our families;
  2. Give us the power to decide if we want companies to stop selling our personal information; and;
  3. Hold companies accountable for data breaches and breaking the law.

The California Consumer Privacy Act reached a major milestone and submitted over 625,000 signatures to qualify for the November ballot. As the grassroots campaign to empower consumers to take back control over our data gains momentum, we need your support!

Together, we must stand up for consumer rights and take back control of our personal information by supporting the California Consumer Privacy Act on the November ballot.

In Solidarity,

Daraka Larimore-Hall
Vice Chair
California Democratic Party