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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Make HERstory with us: Delaine Eastin for California Governor


Delaine Eastin—the NWPC-endorsed candidate for Governor of California—has been an underdog from the start—but this is the time when we can show the world that the underdog has a real bite!

Delaine’s momentum has been gaining rapidly over the past two weeks.  Over this past weekend, the San Diego Union-Tribune ran a statewide poll and Delaine, for the first time, topped John Chiang and is snapping at the heels of Antonio Villaraigosa and Travis Allen.  She is within range of the top two, which is where she has to end up on June 5th to go on to the general election.

Furthermore, the other frontrunners—ALL male—are forming a circular firing squad—attacking each other and playing silly games to manipulate the election.  The one person who is clearly in this race for the people of California—not herself—is Delaine Eastin.  She’s the best candidate, but we have a lot of work to make sure enough voters know that.  The actual #2 position in the runoff might be secured with less than 15% of the total vote—and Delaine can get there if she gets enough of our help.

Please consider what you can do in these critical final 10 days.   NWPC promises our endorsees our sweat equity, not just our money, although this is also a key time for dollars to buy media in the final days.  Here’s what you can do:

  • If you’re not already volunteering, go to and sign up.  You can actually phone bank from the website itself—look for the button at the top of the page.
  • If you have a social media page, share this update with all your contacts—and send them to Delaine’s website and her Facebook page so they can see and hear her for themselves. Everyone also needs to see the new online ad by clicking HERE and share it widely!
  • Whether or not you have already donated, please go to the website and throw in a few more bucks.  Ask your local NWPC PAC to donate.  NWPC-CA already donated an additional $1500 to the campaign and local PACs can donate as well if they have the funds.

The good news is that all of the other statewide candidates endorsed by NWPC-CA appear likely to make it into top two and secure a spot in November.  The most vulnerable is our candidate for Governor.  We certainly need to continue working on many other races where we’ve endorsed great women.  But imagine the energy we would unleash for women candidates all over California if Delaine Eastin is on the ballot in November.  So please do what you can—even a few more dollars and a few hours of work will make a difference!

In Sisterhood,
Karen Humphrey
National Women’s Political Caucus of California

Watch Delaine’s latest ad: “Cutting the middle man out.”