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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

With the Gubernatorial Primary officially one year away, today I am proud to launch Delaine’s Team 29.20.

Team 29.20 is our path to victory. We need just 292 people to join today to meet our first goal. Can you join right now?

The early support we have received has allowed us to make key investments and provided critical resources to travel the state far and wide to share our message. And I promise you, it is resonating everywhere we go. People want to see government working for them, not the powerful.

One thousand people donating $29.20 a month equals just one max donor. But history has shown us that a large group of small donors is more powerful than a small group of large donors. You bring your time, energy and commitment to doing the actual work required to win this election.

This is not going to be a campaign built on massive television ad buys. This is going to be a campaign powered by the people of California who love our state and are ready to see us address the inequalities that prevent too many from experiencing the California Dream.

If we have 29,200 Team 29.20 donors by June 2018, we will have the resources we need to compete from Siskiyou to Imperial Counties and everywhere in between.

California is an overwhelmingly Democratic state. We must support Democratic values and not allow millionaires and billionaires to buy our elections. It is time to return to government of, by and for the people.

It starts now. Will you join Team 29.20 today?



p.s. Team 29.20 is a monthly commitment to donate $29.20 a month through the election. This is less than $1 a day. For those who cannot afford this monthly commitment, I hope you will consider starting at $2.92. Thank you.