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Write to your congressperson about Trump’s healthcare bill.

Act Now

We marched. We made calls. We wrote our legislators. And today, our voices were heard.

This afternoon, Republicans in the House of Representatives had to cancel a vote on their own healthcare bill. Trump did everything he could to pass the bill, but your voice was more important.

Defeating this bill saved lives.

This historic effort helped working families, protected coverage for millions of Americans, and preserved women’s access to vital health services.

But we know Trump and Republicans in Congress aren’t done yet. In fact, they may come back with a bill that’s even worse. They’ll keep pushing their divisive and dangerous agenda — and we’ll keep fighting them every step of the way.

Act Now: Tell your member of Congress to oppose any attempt to weaken the Affordable Care Act and make healthcare more expensive.

Thanks for making your voice heard,

Tom Steyer
NextGen Climate