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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



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When we set our ambitious $300,000 goal last Tuesday, we thought it would be an uphill battle. Instead, the Yang Gang came together and blew past it in under 2 days!

When we reset the goal for $1 million dollars by the end of the day today, we didn’t think there was any chance that we’d hit it. But then Andrew brought his bold vision for America to the debate stage, and we hit our $1 million goal over the weekend.

Now, we have an ambitious new target – $1.5 million by the end of the day today. We’re less than $200,000 away from that goal.

Can you donate $15 to help us raise the last $200,000 we need to hit our goal? If we raise $1.5m this week, the media won’t be able to ignore your support any longer!

Remember: We’re using the money from this week to fund an aggressive ad buy in early primary states. This will help us reach a new demographic, and one that is more likely to be targeted by pollsters. If we hit our target, we’ll have no issue getting that fourth qualifying poll and making the fall debates.

Can you donate $15 today to help us hit our $1.5m goal and invest in advertisements to expand our support?






Can you make a donation today? 

Most of our donations come from people like you chipping in small amounts when they can. Your continued generosity helps us invest in people. 

Join the Yang Gang! 

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