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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Dave Jones serves as California’s Insurance Commissioner and is a candidate for Attorney General. Here are updates on some of his recent work to assist Californians and California communities!


Defending California’s Health Care

Dave Jones is a national leader in the resistance to President Trump’s efforts to repeal health care reform. As Insurance Commissioner of the largest insurance market in the country, Dave has explained repeatedlyand in great detail to Congressional leaders and the Trump Administration the damage that their repeal efforts would cause to Americans’ health care.

Due to the President’s continued actions sabotaging the Affordable Care Act, Dave also took the unprecedented step of authorizing health insurers to file two sets of rates for 2018 — one set which would be higher because of President Trump’s actions and a lower set of rates if the President stops sabotaging the ACA. Jones has also been a leader in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which has insured five million more Californians. Dave believes we would be best served by Medicare for All, and he was the first statewide elected official to formally endorse SB 562, the single payer bill.



Protecting Consumers


Since being sworn in as Insurance Commissioner, Dave Jones has held insurance companies accountable when they violate the law. Close to $400 million has been paid to consumers by insurers as a result of intervention by the Department of Insurance under Commissioner Jones’ leadership.


Dave also ordered the California Department of Insurance to open an investigation into recent allegations that Wells Fargo and National General Insurance improperly charged consumers for auto insurance. This is in addition to the investigation he ordered of allegations that Wells Fargo was signing customers up for life insurance without their consent.



Climate Risk Carbon Initiative

Dave Jones said “bring it on” to the 12

attorneys general and one governor from oil

and coal states such as Texas and Oklahoma who recently threatened to sue him if he did

not stop his Climate Risk Carbon Initiativeasking insurers to voluntarily divest from thermal coal investments and requiring that insurers publicly disclose their investments in coal, oil, gas, and utilities, which face climate-related risks.


Dave is a national and international leader with regard to climate related risk, and chairs the Sustainable Insurance Forum of international insurance regulators to facilitate cooperation on critical sustainable insurance challenges, such as climate change.



Air Canada Investigation



Dave Jones, a passenger on Air Canada flight 759, demanded a complete investigation by Air Canada and the three aviation regulatory authorities following the near miss that could have been the greatest aviation disaster in history after a pilot nearly landed on a taxiway where four other planes full of passengers were sitting instead of the designated runway.


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