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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Daraka for Vice Chair

Two years ago, I helped craft a ballot measure that would have required health insurance companies to justify their rate increases, just like the rest of the insurance industry. The Democratic Party, consumer organizations, and health care reform advocates supported this common-sense effort to make real progress in bringing down health care costs and protecting patients. We were up against some of the deepest pockets in politics: health insurance companies and their allies.

Daraka Larimore-Hall worked side by side with me on that campaign, helping to bring our coalition together, and providing a strong, progressive voice against the vested interests of a billion-dollar industry. He was willing to speak the truth, even to fellow Democrats. I was proud to work alongside him.

California must continue to lead on real healthcare reform. Our next big fight will be to create the nation’s first single payer healthcare system. No doubt, the same big money will be spent to keep us from moving forward, and we need Party leaders who are up for the fight.  I can’t think of a more qualified, fearless, and principled leader in that regard than Daraka Larimore-Hall.

Please join me in supporting Daraka’s campaign for Vice Chair of the Democratic Party. If we want to defeat big money, we need to support leaders like Daraka. Please consider a donation of $25, $50 or $100 today to help Daraka travel our great State and meet delegates and Party leaders in every corner of California. Now more than ever we need to elect Daraka — a strong progressive leader who will make sure that our state party continues to lead the resistance in California and across the nation.


Dave Jones, California Insurance Commissioner

Daraka for Vice Chair