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Seven years ago this weekend, President Obama walked up to the White House podium and announced the DACA program –– giving hope and opportunity to millions of young immigrants.

Three years later, Donald Trump rode down his gold-plated escalator and launched his presidential campaign from Trump Tower.


We know how this story goes, but not where it ends.



When President Trump tried to gut this vital program protecting Dreamers from deportation, we sued. And we won initial key victories. 


With a court order in hand, over 370,000 Dreamers have been able to renew their status to pursue schooling and career opportunities thanks to our fight. But the final decision is still uncertain, and the Supreme Court could decide by next week whether they’ll hear our case.



Dreamers are first responders, nurses, and teachers, who in many instances, have lived nearly their entire lives in the United States.


While they fight for us in the classroom, the emergency room, and in the field, we’re fighting for them in court. 





Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

Becerra for Attorney General 2022
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