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TJ Cox for Congress

I’m Francois — TJ Cox’s campaign manager here with a quick update:

In just one week, TJ is picking up widespread grassroots support from across the Central Valley. Our launch announcement was featured in publications across the state, and because of your support, our race is on track to become one of the most competitive contests in the state of California.

Not only are folks here ready to flip this seat and win back the House, people are thrilled to send a local engineer and community development leader — who’s already done so much for the Central Valley — to represent us in our nation’s capital.

As the manager of this race, I can’t stress how CRITICAL it is that we record the biggest first fundraising month we possibly can. Showing strong grassroots energy and viability will make all the difference in flipping this seat.

Can you help jumpstart our campaign against David Valadao by chipping in a donation today?

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Here’s the truth: In this district, we’re up against the entire Republican political machine — including Donald Trump.

Winning this race would be a resounding rejection of Trump’s agenda in California, but it’ll only happen if this community steps up to help TJ in this race. Help us prove to everyone how strong this grassroots network is.

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Francois Genard