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**For Immediate Release**

Press Contact: Mari Harren; 810-844-6796


Congressman Devin Nunes Threatens Former Democratic Challenger Andrew Janz


FRESNO, Calif. (November 5th, 2019) — In his latest attempt to thwart his political critics, Congressman Devin Nunes sent a letter [attached] to former Democratic challenger and current Fresno mayoral candidate Andrew Janz demanding he reveal the identity of Twitter user @DevinCow as well as the following demands:


Based off the accusations made in the letter, we believe Nunes’ lawyer has committed an ethics violation by attempting malicious prosecution. 


“It is evident that Devin intends to exact retribution on those who brought to light his failures as a member of Congress. He has reached an all-time low by attacking me for protecting free speech. After barely winning re-election last year, one would hope that Devin would focus on the issues weighing on our district instead of suing a fake cow.” Andrew said, “I won’t be intimidated by this frivolous attempt to not only stifle constitutional rights but also hinder my campaign to become the next Mayor of Fresno.” 


Janz Campaign Manager, Mari Harren, said, “We are looking at the option of filing ethics complaints with both State Bars in Virginia and California. It’s our understanding that this wouldn’t be Mr. Biss’ first ethics violation.”


Janz’s counsel has responded [attached] with a rejection to Congressman Nunes’ demands. 



Andrew Janz is a Deputy District Attorney running for Mayor of Fresno. In 2018, Janz raised 9.2 million dollars in his run against Congressman Devin Nunes where he came within single digits of beating him — Nunes’s closest race to date. Janz and his wife Heather reside in Fresno with their two dogs and are currently expecting their first child.