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Hold Congress accountable for their vote to raise taxes on American families for the benefit of millionaires and wealthy corporations.
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Congress voted to send the Republican tax scam to Donald Trump’s desk. 

This dangerous bill doubles down on failed policies that put more money into the pockets of Republican donors and corporations at the expense of working families.

It also opens up 1.5 million untouched acres in the Arctic Refuge to dangerous oil and gas drilling — a devastating assault on indigenous rights and the climate.

Act now: Hold your members of Congress accountable for their vote on the GOP tax scam.

Your rep just voted for Trump's tax scam

After today’s vote, it’s never been more clear that this Congress doesn’t represent our values. The American people didn’t ask for tax cuts for millionaires — wealthy Republican donors did. If that’s not enough, many Republicans voted for a tax scam for their own personal gain over the American public.

Today’s defeat is painful — and the impacts could be felt for generations. But this fight is far from over.

In 2018, Republicans in Congress will have to defend their vote and explain to their constituents why they sided with corporate interests over working families. From now until November 6, 2018, we must hold each and every elected official accountable for their vote on this scam.

Send a message to Congress: We’ll remember your vote on the GOP tax scam at the ballot box.

Thank you,

Pat Millham
Director of Advocacy
NextGen America