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His dedication to empowering underrepresented communities makes him the right choice for California.

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The California Democratic Party (CADEM) congratulates Rob Bonta on his appointment as California’s first Filipino American Attorney General. Rob represents what makes California great: the desire to take on righteous fights, reverse systemic injustices, and stand up to hate. Help elect more Democrats » At an early age, Rob watched as his parents joined Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta as organizers of the United Farm Workers of America.

As an attorney, Rob carried the legacy of his family by working pro-bono to protect Californians against racial injustice.

Throughout his career, he has paved the way for all communities – serving as the first Filipino American elected to the State Legislature, fighting on the forefront against corporate greed, standing up to for-profit prisons, and working to tackle climate change.

In this moment when we see a sickening rise in attacks on the AAPI community, Rob has been on the frontlines of efforts to strengthen our hate crime laws and build bridges of trust throughout California.

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