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Kamala Harris

As you know, I had the opportunity to question former FBI Director James Comey earlier this morning as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

It was a productive and informative hearing, one where we confirmed many of the news stories that show Trump attempted to interfere in the FBI investigation—a troubling revelation that we must continue to investigate.

In my limited time speaking to Mr. Comey I focused on three main threads:

First, in regards to the debate over President Trump’s intentions when telling Comey he hoped he would let the investigation into Michael Flynn go, I said the following: “In my experience, when a robber holds a gun to your head and ‘hopes’ for your wallet, ‘hope’ is not the operative word.”

Second, I asked Mr. Comey a series of questions about potential secret contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, which he declined to answer in the open session.

Finally, I worked to shed light on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ involvement in the Russian investigation—asking Mr. Comey about Sessions’ recusal and his participation in the firing of the man in charge of said investigation. At this point, there are still far too many questions about whether Jeff Sessions has truly recused himself after being caught lying to Congress.

At the end of the day, today’s testimony was about uncovering the facts, the information, and the truth about this investigation. This is about the office of the presidency, a hostile foreign government interfering in our elections, and the integrity of our government. We deserve answers.

Today, we got some of them—but the fight continues, especially as this White House continues to lie and muddy the facts.

From here on out, we need to be mindful of two things: one, this is not a TV show—it is a very serious matter and must be treated that way; and two, this process should not make us forget the fact that Senate Republicans are still trying to rip health care away from millions of Americans, undo consumer protections put in place after the 2008 recession, and so much more.

Thank you again for standing with me yesterday when the GOP tried to shut me down, and for continuing to fight for truth, justice, and a government that is accountable to the public.

I know that you’ll stay vigilant, as will I.

All my best,

Kamala Harris
​U.S. Senator, California




“Freedom is never really won. You earn it and win it in every generation.”
– Coretta Scott King