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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


At its core, a campaign is a job interview. Candidates put forth their best plans, demonstrate their strategic abilities and try to persuade potential supporters. And in the end, the voters get to decide who is the best for the role.

Rather than talking about what we would do, we took the initiative to show you. It’s reflected in our campaign and in our ability to create an organic, statewide operation aimed at achieving one singular goal: winning at the ballot box.

For those delegates still on the fence, here’s a final pitch.

Think about each candidate and where they started. Think about what skills and abilities they brought to the table. Think about the opportunities that presented themselves and all of the tools at their disposal. Now think about what they did with all of it. Put this all together and then decide who is your candidate.

That’s how merit-based systems work. It’s never about where you start. It’s always about where you finish.

In the nearly two years since we launched our campaign, our team has built a statewide operation and offered a clear vision of where our Party needs to go next and developed a concrete plan on how to get us there.

Below is an infographic that shows, by the numbers, what we accomplished together.

In the end, a candidate has to put faith in the voters that they will decide for themselves who has proven to be the best.

We stand by our message. We stand by our work. We stand by our achievements. We stand by our campaign to redefine what it means to be a Democrat.

As this first phase of our journey together comes to a close, we are incredibly proud of everything we have accomplished together and I humbly ask for your vote.

California Democrats, as I’ve always said, this election is about our delegation and what we want for our Party’s future. The decision is now yours.

Democratically yours,