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Dear ‘Yes On P’ Supporter,

You may have heard that Valley Children’s Hospital and Saint Agnes Medical Center both endorse Measure P – but have you also heard that the entire California Children’s Hospital Association (CCHA) also endorses our measure?

A growing number of healthcare leaders and local physicians are in agreement on the importance parks play in the health of a community, and are urging our city to vote YES ON P!

“On behalf of the California Children’s Hospital Association (CCHA), it is my pleasure to endorse Measure P, which would provide support for the investment and maintenance of public parks in the City of Fresno. We know that access to safe, public parks encourages children to be active, which in turn reduces the risk of obesity and it concomitant diseases, such as diabetes. Beyond that, however, multiple studies indicate that spending time outdoors provides a wide range of additional benefits to children and families, including improved motor strength and coordination, reduced feelings of sadness and anger, and increased levels of Vitamin D. In fact, the health benefits of nature are so significant that physicians at our hospitals now counsel the families of our patients on the importance of visiting parks and in some cases prescribe visits to parks as a way to improve health and lower stress for children and families.

For all of these reasons, CCHA is happy to endorse Measure P.”

– Ann-Louise Kuhns, President and CEO of CCHA

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Join with children’s hospitals across California in supporting Measure P, and vote YES on November 6th!

YES ON P = A Healthy Community!

Paid for by Yes on P, Fresno for Clean, Safe Neighborhood Parks: A Coalition of Parents, Seniors, and Community Leaders, Sponsored by the Central Valley Community Foundation; committee major funding from:
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