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Kamala Harris

Fresno County: Thanks to your efforts, the Senate GOP’s health care bill has stalled. But we must keep up the fight because President Trump still has the power to gut the Affordable Care Act. Here’s how:

Under the law, Trump can cancel Obamacare funding that reduces the cost of health care for millions of lower-income Americans. This would be devastating to millions of people who would lose access to affordable health coverage and it would send ACA markets into chaos, risking insurance even for those who don’t require financial assistance.

According to recent news reports, Trump could make a decision on canceling the funding as soon as tomorrow, which is the deadline for sending out these monthly payments to insurance markets.

That’s why we urgently need your voice to be heard in this fight before Trump makes his decision. Can we count on you, Fresno County?

Add your name to mine: Urge President Trump to keep funding Obamacare and stop trying to take health insurance away from millions of vulnerable Americans.


I’ve said this time and again: health care should be a right in this country and it’s time for the GOP to work with us to strengthen our health care system, not gut it.

Until that happens, we have to be ready to defend the progress we’ve made on expanding health coverage to millions of people — no matter what they throw at us in their desperation for a cheap political win.

Thanks for everything you do,

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California