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Central Valley Partnership,
We will meet on Tuesday, August 18th starting at 5:30pm via Zoom webinar.  (Use this registration hyperlink or register via the link in the agenda below) 
As the summer ends, we enter one of the most important elections in memory. After finishing a successful candidate training workshop last month, the Partnership now turns toward an educational process to increase voter turnout and ensure that the public is informed about the propositions that will be on the ballot.
With the Central Valley of California becoming one of the most intense Covid-19  “hotspots” in the entire United States, we will open this meeting with a discussion of the inadequate pandemic response in San Joaquin County (with an understanding that other counties are similarly struggling under leadership challenges to address the public health emergency). Please reference the two attached comment letters to learn more about these issues prior to the meeting.
An economic crisis of unprecedented proportion has also followed upon the pandemic’s outbreak. The most severe recession in the country’s history is still rippling out and we turn in our second panel presentation to hear from labor unions, nonprofit organizations and community leaders on ways to meet the emergency with progressive policies looking to invest rather than cut services, especially to the most vulnerable in our communities.
The final presentation will focus on ways to expand the right to vote to the thousands of California’s on parole, with particular attention to how historic and institutionalized racism is implicated in the current policy prohibiting the enfranchisement of parolees. 
Please note that there will be Central Valley Agroecology Reimaging Sessions on the weekend of August 22nd and 23rd from 10am-12noon each day, as we imagine a more just and regenerative agricultural system for the region. Please register for the sessions here and see the flyer below.
Central Valley Partnership
General Meeting
Tuesday August 18, 2020
Zoom Link Registration
5:30pm              Webinar Launch
5:40pm              Welcome + Announcements


5:50pm              San Joaquin County Together
A movement has begun in San Joaquin County to hold its board of supervisors accountable for its their incompetent response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We hear from the campaign on how and why county supervisors need to be held accountable. 


·      Nicholas Hatten, Founder, San Joaquin County Together
·      Candelaria Vargas, Stockton Unified School District Board Trustee (via recorded statement)


6:15pm              Recession Recovery – Invest or Cut


A panel of labor union, nonprofit and elected leaders will discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 recession on local governments, nonprofits and communities. They will present and discuss progressive solutions for an economic recovery.
·       Derecka Mehrens, Executive Director, Working Partnerships USA
·       Riley Talford, Regional Vice President, SEIU 521
·       Eva Ruiz, Executive Board Member, California Teachers Association
·       Brian Osorio, Councilmember, City of Delano


7:00pm              Restoring the Right to Vote to Californians on Parole (Proposition 17)


Proposition 17 will restore the right to vote to the nearly 50,000 Californians on parole. Historically, disenfranchisement and the removal of someone’s right to vote has never been rooted in public safety, but instead was a tool used during Jim Crow to rob communities of color of their political power. Initiate Justice is leading the effort to pass Prop 17. 
·       Greg Fidell, Policy Manager, Initiate Justice
·       John Windham, Communications Fellow, Yes on Prop 17 Campaign
 7:20pm              Latino Voter Research Project Findings from Fresno and Tulare Counties 
·       Lolis Ramirez, Director, TOLA Organizing Academy
7:25pm              Census Complete Count Update 
·       Mai Thao, Regional Program Manager, California Complete County



7:30pm              Adjournment