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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Dear friends,

Today we remember the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez – a personal hero and icon of the modern labor movement. I was working at Communications Workers of America Local 9400 in Paramount, CA when Cesar and the UFW were working out of our offices. They had very little money, so we shared a space. It is surreal now to have had a front row seat to his work and have been a small part of the history Cesar and the UFW would make.

I look back on those times, the marches and the rallies, with nostalgia. It was a time when the Latino community used the power of their grassroots strength to drive true progressive change, and improve the lives of workers across the country.

In large part, my commitment to the labor movement then and now has always been inspired by people like Cesar. To truly honor their work, we must channel that grassroots strength now, at a time when we must confront new challenges to our community and the rights of workers.

I have dedicated my entire life to this work, and it has been the greatest honor for me to serve the Democratic Party of California as its Vice Chair. I am running for re-election because the work we started with Cesar all those years ago isn’t finished yet.

Happy birthday, Cesar Chavez. I know you are with us in spirit today as we fight to bring back the grassroots power that started it all.


Alex Gallardo-Rooker

First Vice-Chair

California Democratic Party