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Audit Confirms Eric C. Bauman Elected Chair of the California Democratic Party

Panel Appointed by ex-Chair John Burton Makes Final Determination


The California Democratic Party’s Compliance Review Commission today confirmed that Eric C. Bauman was duly and fairly elected CDP Chair at the May 2017 State Convention.  The declaration by the Commission of six members appointed by former Chair John Burton came after the Commission completed an exhaustive audit of the eligibility of each voter and every ballot cast, testimony by Democratic delegates, and more than 40,000 related pieces of information.


The audit found that both Bauman and Kimberly Ellis had votes that were invalidated, while Lenore Albert Sheridan gained one vote. The final vote tally confirmed by the CRC was:

  • 1,467 for Chair Eric C. Bauman
  • 1,410 for Kimberly Ellis
  • 8 for Lenore Albert Sheridan


Chair Eric C. Bauman said:


“On behalf of all California Democrats, thank you to the members of the Compliance Review Commission for performing your duties under the CDP bylaws with the utmost diligence, independence, and integrity.  You upheld the trust our members and our bylaws put in you as the authority to decide challenges to elections and other matters. Our Party is grateful for, and stronger for, your service.


When I accepted the gavel as Chair in May of this year, I promised to work with our officers to empower the grassroots of our party, to strengthen the majorities in the Legislature needed to achieve truly progressive policy, and to position Democrats to recapture Congress. 


I’m proud to report we are moving forward on these efforts. We’ve broadened our perspective with a new-shared governance structure where every officer has a voice in CDP planning and decision-making.   We are reaching out to our grassroots in every part of our state and embracing our activists’ bold vision for California as a Blue Beacon of hope for the nation.


With the election results now final, I invite Kimberly Ellis to join me in uniting our Party for the victories that matter most – starting with beating the attempted recall of State Senator Josh Newman and continuing with taking back the House in November 2018.”


Alex Gallardo-Rooker, First Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party added:


“The CRC audit was the most inclusive and exhaustive effort I’ve seen in all my years of being a state party officer. It is now past time to put this misguided, costly and divisive challenge behind us. In his first two months on the job, Chair Bauman has worked to empower grassroots Democrats and set the stage for a more progressive California. I’m eager to continue that work with him now that the fair and open CRC process has confirmed his election as Chair.”