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Chris Masami Myers, Executive Director of the California Democratic Party, issued the following statement in response to Kimberly Ellis, who was a candidate for Chair of the CDP:

“The California Democratic Party held an open, fair election of officers on May 20, 2017.  The ballots were counted and then counted again in the presence of observers from all candidates.  As a result of the balloting, Eric C. Bauman was elected Chair of the California Democratic Party.”

“Ms. Ellis has stated that the CDP rejected her call for an “independent” audit of the election results.  In fact, the CDP has already permitted Ms. Ellis and her team to review all the ballots and registration materials.  The Ellis campaign team spent 4 days reviewing each and every ballot cast in the Chair’s race.  During the review, Ms. Ellis was represented by an attorney and a CPA who specializes in auditing.”

“During her review, Ms. Ellis submitted a challenge to the election results.  That communication, however, did not include any facts, allegations or any basis whatsoever for the challenge.  Consequently, I provided her with an additional 7 days to provide support for her claim.”

“The CDP Compliance Review Commission (CRC), an independent party committee appointed by former Chair John Burton, is currently considering the challenge submitted by Ms. Ellis.  To date, the CRC still has not received any information to enable it to address Ms. Ellis’ challenge.”

Stephen J. Kaufman, Counsel to the California Democratic Party, stated:

“The California Democratic Party is committed to resolving any challenges consistent with its bylaws.  To that end, it is unfortunate that the Ellis campaign has chosen to litigate this issue in the press, rather than providing the CDP with any grounds supporting her challenge.  The CDP has acted in good faith throughout this process to provide Ms. Ellis and her team with the information they’ve requested.  In fact, the Party has gone above and beyond.”

Chris Masami Myers continued:

“As Democrats, we are all focused on achieving the same goals, and we should support the independent process that our Party uses to resolve these issues.”

“Consistent with the CDP’s by-laws and procedures, Eric C. Bauman took office as Chair of the CDP when he was passed the gavel by Chairman Burton at the close of the Convention on May 21, 2017.  Chair Bauman has already begun the process of reorganizing and strengthening our Party to prepare for the challenges that lay ahead for the 2018 elections, for which the primary will be held exactly one year from now.”