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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Join us Saturday 4/13/19

Yolo County Candidate Forum


Dropping the truth.

Coming soon.

  • Here’s where it starts and ends.

Took a poll and all who participated said they would rather hear the truth on items that could be corroborated than keep a campaign 100% positive. It has been a busy week and just barely getting this announcement out. Truth will be dropping here next time. At least your choice will be more informed.

Did you know that I have not advocated to do away with elected’s appointments but have advocated for creating anti-retaliation rules if an appointed delegate votes their conscience? I know grassroots are appointed because I am appointed. Kimberly Ellis was also appointed. She was appointed by former Federal Reserve employee Malia Cohen (BOE), yet has criticized electeds ability to make appointments and/or advocated to do away with this model if elected as Chair. I heard this faction created calling the appointeds “super delegates.” This is wrong. As I explained on Nick Nicita’s show, we are the grassroots that obtain appointments after working to elect our chosen candidates into office. If there were no appointments, Kimberly Ellis would not be able to run as Chair today. By creating false campaign platforms such as doing away with appointed delegates because they are “establishment” or somehow “bad” we do not advance the party together in unity. It has created a false me vs them division within in the party just to move people into action. This needs to stop. There are no super delegates in this party. There is a committee configuring how we do what we do in creating our delegation. Put your efforts there. 

Lenore Albert

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