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You’re invited to the CDC Special Convention

to Elect Officers

to be held at the Westin San Francisco Apt

1 Old Bayshore Hwy, Millbrae, CA 94030

on November 18th, 2017

during the CDP Winter EBoard Meeting





CDC Holds an Election of Officers every Two Years in Odd Numbered Years
Tentatively, we will hold the election in the Hickory/Hawthorn Room at the Westin San Francisco Apt beginning at 5:45PM. Please check the CDP Convention Handout for any changes to this location and or time.


Due to certain inefficiencies of the CDC over the past year Each Regular and Affiliated Club will be authorized one (1) Delegate and (1) Alternate Delegate to have voice in Nomination and Election of Officers.
Please check the CDC Main Website for additional information regarding this Election.


We will post the full Agenda and Rules for the Election to the CDC Main Website once it is established by the CDC EBoard.

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Please use the buttons below to Appoint a Delegate to the Election and/or a Candidate for a Position with the CDC


Appoint a Delegate to the Election
Nominate a Candidate for a Position
Local Accommodations
Please check with the California Democratic Party Convention website for accommodations.


CDC is also asking for your help in updating our Club Member Database which we maintain in order to check and confirm Delegates and Candidates to the CDC. Please send us an Excel file containing your current Member Roster to


You may also wish to update your Club Listing on the CDC Main Website. Please review your listing and use the Form below to make any additions, corrections or changes.