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TJ Cox for Congress

I should be surprised by this, but I’m not.

It’s looking more and more likely that I’ll be inheriting a partially shutdown government when I’m sworn into Congress next week.

That’s because President Trump sabotaged a bipartisan spending bill to get funding for his $5 billion border wall even though he knew it would never pass the Senate. It was a total political stunt.

Now, thousands of federal employees could lose paychecks. Government services used by farmers and small businesses will be unavailable. And once again, the American people are left angry and disappointed in Washington.

I’m angry too because this isn’t how our government should work. But we have the power to do something about it by coming together to hold Trump and the far-right accountable. That’s why I’m reaching out:

Can you add your name to my petition demanding an end to this reckless shutdown? It’s so important that we tell Trump and his allies that we will hold them accountable for putting politics ahead of country.


This is the third shutdown since Trump took office. For Trump, forcing a shutdown is just another tool in his arsenal to get what he wants — it’s shameful behavior from a President who took an oath to defend our constitution.

But this will happen again if we don’t stand together and say enough is enough: No more shutdowns. No more brinkmanship.

Add your name to demand that Trump and his friends put an end to this shutdown >>

Thank you for stepping up,

TJ Cox





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