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Hello Dem’s

The results are final and we will be in the general. Thanks to all of you and your hard work for all of your support. We earned over 40,000 votes in the primary and are now getting together a plan of action to secure over 100,000 votes for the general. That will be a record for a Democratic candidate in this district. You can help us do that.

In other news I joined some Fresno County activist in front of our Congressman’s office on Wednesday to demand the House vote on whether or not persons on the “no fly” list should be allowed to purchase guns. Today the Speaker announced that the House would vote on one of these bills when they return to work next week.

The USDA along with other organizations will be hosting a summit in July at the Visalia Convention Center as a part of the #RuralPride campaign. This summit will be an opportunity to “focus on the unique needs of the rural LGBT community.” There will be information about important federal policy to protect this community. This summit is open to all LGBT members and allies for the purpose of sharing information. Christine Chavez, granddaughter of Cesar Chavez, is one of the many organizers helping to put his event together. More information is available on the Facebook event page:

This is a link to additional information:[Inbox]/webinars/060916/060916_0-PRIDECAPSFINAL.mp4

Finally, the campaign will be conducting another demonstration this week. We will be in front of our Congressman’s Visalia office to remind him that we need immigration reform now.

Thank you all for your continued support and let’s keep this thing going into November.

Louie Campos

Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 22

(559) 731-6600


I just gave to Louie Campos.