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Hello all, and thank you for your continued support!

After a weekend in Iowa speaking alongside the other presidential contenders (well, most of them…), I’m currently finishing up a trip in LA, where I had a full schedule of media interviews.  I talked with Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks about the campaign. This wasn’t the first time Cenk interviewed me – you can see the first one here: This 2020 Presidential Candidate Makes A TON Of Sense.

After that, I recorded an episode of Pod Save America.  It was exciting to sit down with Tommy Vietor, a veteran of the Obama administration, to discuss my candidacy with their progressive audience.  I hear all the cool kids listen to that podcast.

There are also a few others that we’ll let you know about when we can 🙂

The growth in our campaign isn’t just reflected in the media; it’s also reflected in our support.  Our social media presence is growing at a rate faster than almost any other candidate in the field.  The requirements for the second DNC debates have been released, and we’re well on pace to hitting them.  We need 130,000 individual donors – we’re right at 120,000.  We also need 400 donors from 20 different states, and we blew past that.  It’s a testament to the wide appeal of the Freedom Dividend that we’re receiving such strong support from so many different parts of the country.

BUT – we are behind on our goal to double our fundraising from Q1 and raise $3.5 million in Q2.  Doubling our fundraising will show that we have the growth and momentum necessary to win the nomination and go on to beat Trump in 2020.  Based on internal projections, we’re on pace to raise just under $3 million this quarter.

If you can, please help us hit our Q2 goal today by donating $23.97, our average donation so far this quarter!  If you’re a first-time donor, this will help us with our fundraising goal and with qualifying for the second debates.

I am deep in debate prep for June, which will be a new high-water mark for the campaign – let’s take advantage of the opportunity that history has given us.  It has opened a door – let’s run through it.

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