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Campaign Update – 6/1/18

Protect Our Vote – P2TV Hotline

For the first time, the CDP has launched our Promote and Protect The Vote (P2TV) Hotline for the Primary. We will have a team staffing the hotline to respond to any reports we receive of improper voting practices, voter intimidation or other issues. Click here for a comprehensive overview of the P2TV Program.

The P2TV Hotline will be open to callers from 9:00am to 6:00pm starting on Saturday, June 2, and every day, including Saturday and Sunday, through Election Day. On Election Day, Tuesday, June 5, the hotline will operate with extended hours starting at 6:30am through 8:00pm.

P2TV Hotline – 877-321-VOTE (8683)

Voting Center Pilot Project Launched in 5 Counties

Sacramento County is one of the five counties participating in the Vote Center pilot project for this Primary – an exciting new way to vote that will make the process of voting much easier and more efficient for voters.

Your CDP Team – many of whom are registered to vote in Sacramento County – are helping to get the word our about these exciting new Vote Centers… by voting there ourselves!

Watch our  video below which highlights all the benefits of Vote Centers, and please share and tag your friends in: Napa, Madera, San Mateo, Sacramento and Nevada Counties so we can help get the word out about this great new way to vote.

Watch our video here – Voting Early with the California Democratic Party Team:

Endorsement Recap

GOTV Events

Months, and in some cases, years, of hard work at every level of the Party will culminate with the vote on Tuesday. This is California’s chance to showcase the strength and depth of our Resistance, and to preview the Big Blue Wave we’re creating to wipeout Republicans in the Fall. 

Let’s make sure we do everything we can to turn out the Democrats who will get the Big Blue Wave rolling across the Country. Check out for a list of GOTV events, as well as links to our slate card and the P2TV Hotline.

Good luck to all of our CDP-endorsed candidates! And a big thank you to everyone walking precincts and making phone calls over the next five days!


–The CDP Team