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Team KE is proud to announce the endorsement of the California Legislative Black Caucus.

For over 50 years, the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) has provided leadership to the people of California. The CLBC’s legacy has included some of the finest leadership California has known. In their endorsement process, the CLBC looks for candidates who offer California a unique leadership that is intelligent, inclusive and progressive.

“In this moment when intolerance sits at the center of our national stage, it’s critical we have leaders in place who can refute the barrage of hate and instead refocus our attention on the issues that matter and the lives they affect – and for California Democrats, Kimberly is that leader,” said CLBC Chair, Dr. Shirley Weber. “The California Legislative Black Caucus asks our colleagues in the State Capitol to join us, and the overwhelming majority of rank and file CDP delegates, in selecting both the most qualified and inspiring candidate – Kimberly Ellis.”

“I’d like to thank our California Legislative Black Caucus for their faith and confidence in my leadership to steer this Party into an era of stability and expansion. If we want the California Democratic Party to be relevant in people’s everyday lives, then we must double down on its investment in community organizing, expanding Democratic voter rolls, proliferating fundraising and implementing sustainable engagement programs,” said Kimberly Ellis.

Democratically yours,

Kimberly Ellis


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