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Here in California, along with other states, were prepared to challenge the Trump administration’s illegal action concerning USPS. 
We’ve sued President Trump over 95 times now. Protecting the right to vote — and our democracy — won’t be any different. 

Washington Post: 

“Becerra said Trump’s pledge last week to oppose a $25 billion bailout for the Postal Service to stop states from expanding mail voting during the pandemic was an ‘illegal action’ meant to undermine the election. It also threatens the delivery of medicines to millions of Americans, he said.”

Tens of thousands of grassroots activists have already signed our petition demanding President Trump and Republicans STOP their dangerous attacks on the postal service and mail-in voting.
They agree that by undermining the United States Postal Service,President Trump is threatening to undermine free and fair elections. During this pandemic, USPS is more important than ever, delivering everything from medications to ballots. 
We must stand up to this outright attack — and we need to do that together. That’s why I’m asking: Can you join tens of thousands of other signers and add your signature to our petition now?
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