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We’re excited to share more of the California Democratic Party’s work under Chairman Burton from 2009-2017: The Burton Legacy: Empower the Grassroots, Build for the Future. You can view the full report here, and this fifth message will highlight the section on “Fiscal Stewardship: A Sustainable Future.”


When Chairman Burton was elected eight years ago, we understood that the current funding burdens were unsustainable for the party. So, we took action to ensure a sustainable future for our work.

  • We reduced staffing to essential positions and eliminated unnecessary contracts.
  • We launched the DEM (Donate Every Month) program to help fund the new door hanger program, spearheaded by Controller Hilary Crosby.
  • We raised all funds for the CDP internally (by Senior Staff and the Chair) rather than paying additional fundraising consultants to get the job done.
  • We settled a major lawsuit we inherited for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, we bought and renovated a permanent headquarters in Sacramento.

  • The building is paid in full, so there is no monthly rent payment.
  • The building was constructed to be Gold Leed certified, including solar panels to bring down overall utility costs, as an example of our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • The new space features collaborative workspaces for better communication, a training and phone bank room, space for fundraising and events, expandable staffing office space for campaign cycles, and promotes healthy employees by providing shower facilities, private spaces for nursing, a baby changing station, and internal and external bike racks.

In addition, we’ve taken further action to ensure that the transition is smoother for the incoming Chair.

  • We are leaving our incoming Chair with a substantial reserve of federal funds, as well as funding the day-to-day CDP operations budget through Decem‌ber 3‌1, 2‌017.
  • All current contracts are paid in full, with no surprise debt on the books.
  • We established an additional legal fund for unforeseen issues as they arise.
  • We paid for the County Voter file (MOE) through Decemb‌er 3‌1, 20‌17 so County Committees will not see a break in service.

For more highlights from Chairman Burton’s legacy, click here.

Next week, we’ll be sending the final message in this series — Proof is in the Pudding: Election & Policy Success.


Angie Tate
Chief Financial Officer
California Democratic Party