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Never doubt the power of organizing; you made this soon-to-be victory happen!

We’ve got some big last minute news:

The biggest come-from-behind news from the midterms took place right here in our backyard where ValleyWorks was hard at work turning out Democratic voters. Ballots are still being counted, but it looks like ValleyWorks-supported Democrat TJ Cox just pulled ahead of three-term Republican incumbent David Valadao!

With more votes left to count in areas that lean Democratic, we expect (and hope) new leadership will arrive. That means that Central Valley voters delivered the 40th seat in the midterm elections and is a huge sign of what is possible in the Valley!

Let me make something clear: this would not have been possible without investing in a rigorous field program. We were proud to work with so many partners in the Central Valley who helped turn out the vote.

Building on the work of previous campaigns, together, we defeated Republican State Senator Andy Vidak. We came close to defeating DC Devin. And if trends continue, we’ll have defeated Congressman Valadao.

We’ve been saying that for far too long the Valley hasn’t had the representation it deserves and now, we have finally broken through in local, state, and federal races. We’ve learned what it takes and it’s just the beginning of what is possible for ValleyWorks.

Can you help support our winning efforts so in 2020 we can claim even more victories? Click here to start a monthly commitment to ValleyWorks so we can keep organizing the Valley to give TJ Cox the on-the-ground support he needs and defeat Devin Nunes in 2020:

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There’s more work to do. When TJ Cox officially wins, it’ll be by the closest of margins, and Republicans desperate to take back control in 2020 will paint a big target on his back. We need to keep organizing in the Central Valley ahead of 2020 to make sure they won’t succeed and to finally defeat Trump’s hand-picked Congressman, Devin Nunes.

The Central Valley is poised to be ground zero in 2020. Let’s make sure Democrats are prepared! Click here to make a monthly pledge to ValleyWorks’ important work on the ground today »

Thanks for standing with us —

Amanda Renteria


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Valley Works is a grassroots organization powered by everyday people to fight for working people in the Central Valley. At Valley Works, we won’t stop organizing until we have elected officials who’ll fight for good-paying jobs, quality healthcare, and great schools for our children.

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